What is Graphene?

Russian scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov first isolated graphene from graphite using ordinary adhesive tape.

Every time you write with a graphite pencil, graphene is produced. Source: Yahoo’s Who Knew

“This material that is at the tip of a pencil is about to revolutionize our lives.” Source: Yale ‘Material Marvels with Dr. Ainissa Ramirez’

One of the prize-winning scientists, Andre Geim, was actually the first individual to win both an Ig Nobel Prize and a real Nobel Prize. Ig Nobel Prize is a spoof prize for the least distinguished scientific research. He won for levitating a frog with a magnet. PhysicsToday.org

Andre Geim also once named his favorite hamster as the co-author of a paper. Source: PBS NewsHour

Graphene is the world’s strongest material. It is only one atom thick, but 100 times stronger than steel. Source: PBS NewsHour

If you were to have an elephant balanced on a pencil would would not be able to break a layer of graphene with the thickness of saran wrap. Source: Yale ‘Material Marvels with Dr. Ainissa Ramirez’

if you stretched a single layer of graphene around a coffee cup it would be strong enough to support a car. Source: Yahoo’s Who Knew

Graphene is so thin if you put three million sheets of graphene one on top of the other it would produce a piece of crystal graphite only one millimeter thick. Source: Dr. Jonathan Hare of VegaScieneTrust

Graphene has the best electrical conductivity of any material in the world Source: Dr. Jonathan Hare of VegaScieneTrust

Because electricity can move through graphene so quickly we will be able to make computers that are 100 times faster. Source: Yale ‘Material Marvels with Dr. Ainissa Ramirez’

About 1% of graphene mixed into plastics could turn them into electrical conductorsSource: BBC News

Graphene could potentially make something similar to an iPad that was as thin as a sheet of paper. Source: PBS NewsHour

Graphene could play a major role in keeping laptops and other electronic devices from overheating. Source: Nanoweek.com

Graphene paper shows promise for developing lighter and stronger cars and planes, that use less fuel, generate less pollution and are cheaper to run and ecologically sustainable.Source: University of Technology Sydney

While most things in nature are three dimensional, graphene is two dimensional Source: Dr. Jonathan Hare of VegaScieneTrust

Just one ounce of this miracle material can cover 28 football fields. Source: Azom.com