The Value of these Domain Names

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Graphene-themed domain names for sale:

Here’s why a descriptive generic .com domain name is a valuable marketing tool:

Spend $10,000 or $100,000 on advertising (online or hard copy) and it’s gone. Spend the same amount on purchasing a generic Graphene .com domain and it will keep working for you 24/7, worldwide, year after year, for just a small annual renewal fee.

“In 2012 the internet will grow to nearly 1 billion active websites,” says You need to make it be easy for people to find you and the service/product you offer.

– A domain is as important as a phone number. It’s a virtual address. Ideally, you want to have one which describes the business, product or service you offer, and which is easy to remember.

– Even if you already have a company domain name, people will be searching for information about Graphene services and products. By owning a .com domain with the keyword Graphene, which describes your service or products, you’ll enhance your creditability, implying that your site is the source for information.

– Your potential advertisers will want to be located at this address. Especially when they begin to market Graphene-related products and services online.

– Every time one of your email addresses (i.e., is used, posted, published, etc., it’s free promotion: identifying your company as a leader in this field and letting people know that they will find the information they are searching for on your website.

– Every time someone else uses this phrase (i.e. Graphene Guide, Graphene Finish, Graphene Charge) when discussing their own services, etc., they will be giving you free promotion.

– With a keyword-rich name you can compete for search engine positioning against ‘big brands’ that market with non-descriptive domain names.

– It’s an investment which can increase in value and be resold. Think of your domain as digital real estate. Location, location, location. If you don’t own the descriptive .com Graphene domain for your business or service, one of your competitors will.

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  1. Wonderful site. Love the self promotion. As owner of some of the most soon to be digital graphene related properties I just wanted to congratulate you on your site.

    Mr. K. Hensel

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